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What material are the Cooling Cubes made of?

The material for our Cooling Cubes is expanded polypropylene (EPP).

What are the properties of the EPP material?

EPP is not polystyrene, it is exceptionally environmentally friendly, flexible and has good insulating properties. We chose EPP because the material is food safe, 100% recyclable, light weight, mega strength and energy absorbing. In addition, EPP has a very high insulating property.

How big is the Cooling Cubes?

The Cooling Cubes are approx. 23 cm wide and approx. 45.5 cm high.

How long do the Cooling Cubes keep a 5 litre barrel cold?

The Cooling Cubes keep the drinks cold for a very long time. The duration depends on how cold the drinks are placed in the Cooling Cubes, how many cooling packs are inserted and also which outside temperature is produced. In a non-scientific everyday test, we achieved an average temperature increase of 0.29 degrees per hour with the Cooling Cubes. See the cooling statistic curve.

How many cooling batteries fit and the Cooling Cubes?

The Cooling Cubes can hold up to 3 cooling batteries: one in the upper cube and two in the lower cube for extra power.

Are the ice packs included in the purchase of a Cooling Cube?

When buying a Cooling Cube, three cooling packs are included. Exceptions are special items or promotional items. Please read the item description to find out the number of cooling batteries included.

How do I put the cool packs in the Cooling Cubes and how do I remove them?

In the lower Cooling Cubes you can simply insert the batteries and in the upper Cube you have to push the battery with some pressure into the provided holder. Don't worry, the material is robust and won't break. A short video tutorial is currently in progress.

Can I combine two different Cooling Cubes?

Yes, the Cooling Cubes upper and lower parts of different colours can be combined with each other. For example, you can use a blue-black Cooling Cube.

I have problems opening the Cooling Cube. How can I open and close the product quickly and easily?

There are several ways to open the Cooling Cube. We have shown two simple tricks in a video. Click here for the video.

Which 5 litre barrels fit into the Cooling Cubes?

The Cooling Cubes fit all 5 litre party kegs with your tap on the side of the keg. Fresh barrels that are tapped from above do not fit into the Cooling Cubes.

Are there different types of 5 litre beer kegs?

You can find out more about the different 5 litre kegs here: Information about 5 litre KEG beer barrels.

Are there any drinks other than beer in the 5 litre cask?

There are different suppliers who offer not only beer, but also e.g. cocktails in the 5 litre barrels. In addition there are Brausets to the beer in a barrel itself brew and we offer an empty barrel in our shop, into which you can fill purely where you have a desire. That doesn't always have to be alcohol! You can also fill it with water, juice, fanta or cola.

What is the hole in the Cooling Cubes top for?

The hole at the top of the Cooling Cube is the main part of our protected cooling system. The warm air penetrates through the hole into the barrel and thus to the beer. And to prevent the beer from warming up during tapping, a cooling battery placed under the hole ensures that the air is cooled down before it comes into contact with the beer.

My logo has fallen off, can I somehow get a replacement?

If your logo has fallen off or you have other problems with the Cooling Cubes, just write us an email to and we will solve the problem.

How can I find out which personal data about me is stored with you?

You have the right and the opportunity to view all personal information on the "My Account" page and request its deletion. If you have registered on the website with your account at, you will find the information under DSGVO - PERSONAL DATA.

How can I completely delete my personal data from your account?

Yes, you have the right and the possibility to view all personal information on the page "My Account" and to request deletion. If you have registered on the website with your account at, you will find the information under DSGVO - PERSONAL DATA.

What are the maximum temperatures the Cooling Cubes can withstand and what happens if they are exceeded?

Cooling Cubes are made of EPP and can withstand extreme temperatures from -35°C to 110°C.

Can I use the Cooling Cubes outdoors?

Yes, of course, that's what it's made for, among other things. You can use Cooling Cubes everywhere and clean them very easily. With strong permanent sunlight it can happen that the colours of the Cooling Cubes fade a little.

My desired colour is not available. Can I pre-order a Cooling Cube in the colour of my choice?

Our 10 possible Cooling Cubes colours are not always in stock and some colours are only produced for bulk orders. You are welcome to write to us and we will advise you when your colour is likely to be back in stock.

How can I check the status of my orders?

If you have registered on the website with your account at you will find the information under HISTORY AND DETAILS OF YOUR ORDERS.

Is the Cooling Cubes recyclable?

Yes, the Cooling Cubes is 100% recyclable! More information about recycling EPP can be found at

I have a problem with my Cooling Cubes. Who can I contact?

Just send us an email to or call us at +49 (0)2204 - 50894 44 and we will solve the problem.

I would like to claim a recall. How does a return take place?

You can find a detailed description of how to start a recall at

Can I sit on the Cooling Cubes?

Yes, you can sit comfortably on the Cooling Cubes. Even if enormous heavyweights have already sat on the Cooling Cube, we recommend not to exceed a load of over 70 kg.

How much does a Cooling Cube weigh?

A Cooling Cube weighs approx. 650g empty. The cooling batteries weigh approx. 400g per battery.

What can I put in the "storage compartment" under the drum?

The best thing to do is to put two cold packs and two returnable drinking cups in the compartment under the beer barrel and some small stuff that fits in the cups. Otherwise you can pack what you want. Of course it should not be sensitive to moisture, as the barrel and the cool packs release moisture. The empty compartment has a size of 12 x 12 cm.

Can an open party barrel be transported with the Cooling Cubes?

As long as you hold the Cooling Cubes straight, it is possible to walk around with an open beer barrel. But keep in mind that the liquid and carbonic acid can escape from the keg when you rock the keg. Therefore we recommend to close the tap on the top of the drum if you want to transport a damaged drum.

What is the best way to transport the Cooling Cubes?

a) Keep cold over long distances
If you want to transport a cold beer keg and cold packs over a longer distance in a car, for example, a horizontal transport offers the best refrigeration performance. Cold beer after more than 24 hours.
b) On foot or by bike
You can transport the Cooling Cubes comfortably under your arm as you carry your surfboard. Alternatively we have a carrying strap as an accessory in our shop.

How do I mount the shoulder strap around the Cooling Cubes?

You can simply buckle the shoulder strap around the Cooling Cubes. Note that you have to guide the strap long at the bottom in the recess provided for this purpose.

What payment options does the online shop offer?

In our online shop you can pay by bank transfer, Paypal and Amazon Pay.

Why can't I pay with credit card?

Currently we do not offer payment by credit card. However, you can deposit your credit card at Amazon or Paypal and use this payment method.

Which different taps are available for the 5 litre beer barrel?

You can find more about the different taps of the 5 litre barrels here: Information about the different taps.

Are there also differences in the air vents (ventiel at the top of the barrel)?

You can find out more about the different air vents of the 5 litre barrels here: Information about the Party Barrel Vents.