The best mobile coolbox

Cold beer
on the beach!

The best mobile coolbox

Cold beer
on the beach!

Towel, sunglasses, beach-ball ... and where’s the beer?

Keep cool. Ice-cold beer straight from the barrel is right here.

A day at the beach. Lying in the sun checking out the latest swimwear fashions. You’re feeling hot, and it’s not just because of the sun. Maybe a drink will cool you down. You take a bottle out of your bag. Ugghh! Your beer is warmer than you are.

This might not be a problem for you if your bodybuilder friends have brought their fridge along for the day. Plus a generator to power it. But that doesn’t happen that often, does it? You’re getting hotter and thirstier by the minute. And it’s a long way up the beach to the nearest bar.

Help is on hand

The answer to your problem is simple: Cooling Cubes. It doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, the beer inside your Cubes stays ice-cold. And not just for an hour or two, but for 24 hours. You can even put your beer keg and cooling blocks into your Cooling Cubes the evening before, so that you can head off nice and early and get the best spot on the beach. (Cooling Cubes are a German invention, and Germans really like doing that!) Your beer will still be cool even if you stay all day and barbecue in the evening. When you pour beer out of the keg, the air that enters through the valve at the top is cooled by the strategically placed cooling block. A patented stroke of genius, even if we do say so ourselves.

Bottle openers not required

That‘s right. Cooling Cubes mean beer fresh from the keg and drunk from a glass, not straight from a bottle or can. And that means a little bit more style, which never does any harm. Put your Cooling Cubes in the sand and pour away. And if anyone fancies a different drink, empty kegs are available in our shop. They can be filled with cocktails, white wine, soft drinks or anything else you fancy.  

Beach ready!

There is always plenty to carry if you’re spending all day at the beach, so you will be happy to know that Cooling Cubes plus cooling blocks plus a 5 litre keg of beer weigh only 6.5 kg. And there is a handy carrying handle and strap available in our shop. If you really have a long way to go, you can even take a break and sit down on your Cooling Cubes. And then use them as a little table to help keep the sand out of your sandwiches.

No rubbish

Another practical detail is that you won’t be tempted to leave any rubbish on the beach. You take your Cooling Cubes back just the way you carried them, except a whole lot lighter. Cooling Cubes are made of tough EPP, can be reused hundreds of times and 100% recycled if no longer required.  

Take them everywhere

Found a small beach away from the crowds for a private party? Take your friends and your Cooling Cubes and enjoy ice-cold drinks all day and all night. What are you waiting for?