The best mobile coolbox

Cold beer
while grilling!

The best mobile coolbox

Cold beer
while grilling!

Fancy an ice-cold beer
with your barbecue? No problem!

Wherever you are, you can have
a cold beer right next to you.

The sun is shining, the charcoal on the barbecue is glowing, and your beer is warm too? Well, that might be okay if it’s -20°C outside and you have a cold. But in summer? Sitting outside with friends? No way! You need ice-cold beer in summer. Always and everywhere. 

Carrying a fridge around is rather annoying. And where are you going to plug it in? Okay, if you’re in the garden you can run to the fridge. But that’s not great. And a six-pack in a cool-bag doesn’t last that long unless you’re on your own.

What are your other options? Dragging a crate full of beer isn’t much fun either. Plus the beer won’t stay cold. A transportable microbrewery? That actually does sound quite good. Sadly they don’t exist.  

Cool is hot!

The answer is our patented Cooling Cubes. It doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, the beer inside stays ice-cold. And not just for an hour or two, but for 24 hours. If you put in a cold keg on Friday evening and drive out into the countryside, you will still have cold beer on Saturday night. So if you start a fire under the stars, you can enjoy a wonderfully cool glass or three with your perfectly burnt meal.

Pour me a fresh one!

We‘re not talking about just any cold beer. We are talking about beer that has been freshly poured straight from the barrel. And that makes a barbecue a whole lot classier. You can drink a can or two with your half-burnt and half-raw sausages if you want to. We prefer a freshly poured glass with a beautifully seasoned and browned steak. The integrated tap makes pouring beer from the keg as easy as Sunday morning. And Monday will feel a whole week away.
And if you fancy something other than beer, you can use one of our empty kegs for cocktails, white wine or whatever you fancy.

Ready to go!

If you‘re planning on going further than the end of your garden, then you will be happy to know that Cooling Cubes plus cooling blocks plus a 5 litre keg of beer weigh only 6.5 kg. And there is a handy carrying handle and strap available in our shop. If you really have a long way to go, you can even take a break and sit down on your Cooling Cubes. They are made of tough EPP, which is 100% recyclable.

Keep calm and stay cool!

Meat should be hot. Beer should be cold. End of story. Our practical Cooling Cubes will keep your beer ice-cold right through the night. It’s the best way to really enjoy summer. So why not order your Cubes right now?

More information about the Cooling Cubes can be found on the advantages page.