The best mobile coolbox

Cold Beer
at home!

The best mobile coolbox

Cold Beer
at home!

Sit down on the sofa, watch the match with your mates …
and an ice-cold beer.

And don‘t worry about missing a goal, because you won’t need to go to the fridge.

It‘s the 90th minute. There will be three minutes of time added on. Your glasses are empty and it’s your turn to get the beer from the fridge. So you run. But you’re not as fast as the counter-attack. You just manage to open the fridge door, then you hear screams from the living room. What a goal! Okay, you can watch the replay. But that just isn’t the same.
What you need is some way of having enough beer where you need it. And not just beer, but cold beer. And wouldn’t it be great, if you could have beer freshly poured from the barrel? Then no one would have to look for the bottle opener or break their lighters opening bottles.

We have a little idea that might help you. And will even give Dave, who always comes a bit late, somewhere to sit instead of having a squeeze up on the sofa. 

Bottles are for babies

Drinking out of a bottle is fine if you’re still wearing nappies. But is it really right for grown-ups? The 1980s are over. Have some self-respect and style. Enjoy beer from the barrel poured into a glass. It tastes better. Full-stop.

Beer on tap

Cooling Cubes’ integrated tap makes it easy to pour a perfect beer. In fact, it’s about as easy as staying on the sofa instead of running to the fridge. Which is exactly what you can now do. Just put your Cooling Cubes on the table and pour away. Dave might have to get up for a second, but let’s face it, he needs the exercise.

The perfect night in

If your idea of a fun evening is more the Eurovision Song Contest with a piña colada than the Champions League Final with a beer, you still need Cooling Cubes. If you would rather drink cocktails or cold white wine, you can buy an empty 5 litre keg and fill it with whatever you fancy.  

The perfect night in somewhere else

Pete’s got a new 60 inch television and you’re all going round to his place to watch the match? Take your Cooling Cubes with you! Cooling Cubes plus cooling blocks plus a 5 litre keg of beer weigh only 6.5 kg. And there is a handy carrying handle and strap available in our shop. If you really have a long way to go, you can even take a break and sit down on your Cooling Cubes. They are made of tough EPP, which is 100% recyclable.  

Staying the distance

Cooling Cubes will keep your beer ice-cold way past the end of extra time. And even until the Latvian jury has finally awarded its points. Cooling Cubes keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours. So why not order your Cubes right now?  

More information about the Cooling Cubes can be found on the advantages page.